The Heart of Brentwood

Home is a refuge - that place you can go and feel safe no matter what. As a family owned company, we understand and value this. From the initial design to the end result, our remodels and new homes are built to bring the comfort you seek, and last you a lifetime.
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Our Story

Everyone has a story, and it's in the details of the story that legacy is built. We are proud to have served Lancaster & York County for over 25 years, and it feels like we are just getting started.
Claire Hostetter & Brent Hostetter at the ground breaking of one of Brentwood's first new home constructions.
In 1994, Clair Hostetter had a vision to build something that he could pass down to the next generation. In the basement of their home in Mount Joy, Clair and his wife Orpha birthed a building company that would be just that. Over 25 years later, that vision was contagious, and now Clair and his son Brent own and operate Brentwood Builders together.
Claire Hostetter & Brent Hostetter at a home show, showcasing all of Brentwood's great offerings.
Through the many years and an ever-changing economy, Brentwood has held on to the values it was founded upon, and continues to build a solid reputation of legacy and trust in the building community. Homes created by family for families. This is the heart of Brentwood Builders.

“We absolutely love the family home that Brentwood helped us create. We hired them for their design sensibility and they ended up exceeding our expectations. On top of understanding our style, they helped us create a smart layout that really maximizes our space and fits our family's lifestyle.”


Together, our team has built hundreds of homes.

We exist to bring your vision to life. From the details in a design, to the custom craftsmanship in construction, our team is highly trained and able to build your dreams from the ground up.

Clair Hostetter


Brent Hostetter

Vice President