December 28, 2021

An Inside Look: Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodels are probably our most popular estimate request. We know there are lots of decisions to make when designing a kitchen, so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. In this latest inside look, we will be walking you through a recent kitchen remodel in Manheim Township.

For this remodel, in addition to a typical kitchen renovation, we also removed a wall, moved a staircase, and redid the floors. We’ve outlined these factors below so you can see what this extensive demo and framing could cost.  

Budget: $30-50,000

Framing Factors ($6-8,000)

To create an open floor plan, we removed a wall separating the main living space from the kitchen. We also moved the basement staircase across the room in order to accommodate the new kitchen. We rebuilt the staircase with a half-wall surrounding it, and then replaced the flooring in the main living space. Not every renovation will require as much demolition as this one did, but it’s important to keep in mind what may need to be done in order to achieve your vision.

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Cosmetic Factors

We can all agree that the finishing touches are the best part of any project! From larger additions like cabinets and doors to the smaller details like latches and faucets, nothing beats seeing a kitchen come together perfectly.

  • Backsplash ($1-2,000): The highlight of this remodel was definitely the vertical tongue and groove paneling! This is a trend we’ve been following for a while and we were excited to incorporate into a project. This unique backsplash gives the space a clean, minimalistic look while still bringing warmth and texture to the room. Tile is another backsplash option that is most commonly used in kitchens.
  • Cabinets ($10-15,000): In this remodel, we installed all new cabinets. Depending on your project, we offer semi-custom and custom cabinetry options. This is something we will work with you on, and varies by client. This particular cabinet package also included the open shelving.
  • Hardware ($500-$1,000): In this remodel, the client specifically requested latches on the cabinets. You can typically choose from a variety of latches, knobs, and pulls. We love how latches give this room a classic look.
  • Appliances ($3-5,000): This homeowner chose to supply most of their own appliances, but we do selection and install of appliance packages if you want that option.
  • Countertops ($4-6,000): We typically recommend quartz or granite as countertop options. Both materials range in color, style and price. The main difference is that quartz is a manmade product, while granite is a type of natural stone. In this kitchen, the homeowners chose a beautiful white quartz that flows with the light and airy feel!
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Our goal is that each post in this Inside Look series will leave you feeling both informed and equipped to start your next remodel project. If you have any more questions or would like a customized estimate, email us at

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