Interior Design

Our design team is concept driven and detail motivated. Our goal is to create beautiful and functional spaces that are curated to your lifestyle.

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Buchanan Avenue

Race Avenue Remodel

Porter Way Remodel

State Street Remodel

Glendower Drive Remodel

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How We Work

We have specialized teams to support you at every step of your design and build journey. Our design team is concept driven and detail motivated. We’re committed to craftsmanship and the quality of space. We construct an aesthetic that is mindful of how you’ll move, feel and live within your home.
We will open the process with an initial phone call to discuss scope of the project, your perceived goals, budget, and overall timeline.
After the initial conversation, the info will be translated into a proposal for you to review.
When you sign on, we will curate your inspiration (Pinterest boards, house plans, etc.) and refine the initial vision.
This process usually takes 2-6 weeks depending on the scope of design!
At this point we equip our clients with all the tools needed to move forward with their space. They will receive a complete design package that delivers a clear path to accomplishing all functional design goals, and sets a tone for the rest of their home. This package includes material selections, samples, paint swatches, etc. as well as a guide with inspiration, layouts, mood boards and renderings.
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