We love to reinvent existing spaces, and help them make sense for today. Throughout the process, we prioritize combining new construction with the preservation of original character.

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Buchanan Avenue

Race Avenue Remodel

Porter Way Remodel

State Street Remodel

Glendower Drive Remodel

Spring Grove Avenue

How We Work

We have specialized teams to support you at every step of your design and build journey. Our design team is concept driven and detail motivated. We’re committed to craftsmanship and the quality of space. We construct an aesthetic that is mindful of how you’ll move, feel and live within your home.
Initial Proposal & Contract
After visiting your home and getting a comprehensive view of your project, we will pull together an initial proposal and contract.
Architecture & Design
We provide architectural plans and 3D renderings to help accurately communicate the design and help you visualize your project. You will work with one of our designers to make material selections and define the color palette and style.
We will work as efficiently as possible to complete the construction portion of your project, understanding that often in a remodel you may still be living at home.
Project Completion
Upon project completion, there will be a final walk through with the project manager to confirm all the details of the project, and your home is yours once again!
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